Komatsubara Komuten Ltd.
Architects & General Contractors


Established in 1895, we at Komatsubara Komuten Ltd. have a proven track record of  over 100 years of credible business, with reputable clients in both the public and private sector. We are a modestly sized "boutique" construction company, employing some 45 permanent staff with unparalleled insight into earthquake-proof engineering. Specialising in contemporary U.S designs as well as Japanese styled architecture, all of our development processes are carried out in-house and are exclusively managed by our own highly knowledgeable professionals. We provide first class architecture services at competitive prices, with a focus on high quality renovations as well as the construction of schools, hospitals, commercial establishment, residential apartments, condominiums, government offices and religious facilities. Here at Komatsubara Komuten Ltd. we are incredibly proud of our active involvement in environmental preservation initiatives, and strive to operate as sustainably as possible.